Pavilion 9.2 m²


We advise checking local building planning regulations when considering a kit.

This stylish  9.2 sq m Pavilion is designed for 12-15 people.


It has 5 double Glazed windows (2 of which open) and French style double glazed door (1060mm x 1600mm ) with a wooden handle and lock.


The walls are 45mm and if included the floor is 18mm solid timber. The windows measure 1020mm x 1060mm. The overall height is 3.4m and the sidewall height is 1950mm.


The roof is covered in bitumen shingles in a choice of colours. Roof thickness and finishing is 18mm.


Central standard BBQ has an extendable chimney and table surrounding the BBQ.

5 Benches (2 of which are extendable for sleeping) and cushions are also included.



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  •   Floor panels
     Pavilion walls
    Roof covered with bitumen shingles
    Extendable standard chimney
    5 Double glazed windows (2 opening)
    French-style double glazed door with the wooden handle and lock
    Central standard BBQ
    Table fitted around the BBQ Benches
    5 benches (2 extendable for sleeping)
     Cushions for the benches


Inside area: 9.2 m² cabin


Height: 3400 mm


Wall thickness: 45 mm


Floor thickness: 18 mm


Roof: Bitumen shingles


Windows: 1020 x 1060 mm



Specification Details

  • Inside area: 9.2 m² cabin
  • Size: 12-15 people
  • Height: 3400 mm
  • Wall height: 1950mm
  • Wall thickness: 45 mm
  • Floor thickness: 18 mm
  • Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm
  • Finnish bitumen shingles
  • Window size: 1020 x 1060 mm
  • Door size: 1020 x 1600 mm


IdeasWood Pergolas are made of European Nordic Spruce which is a slow growing, tight grain kiln dried timber.

Nordic Spruce has the added properties of being natural, renewable, environmentally friendly and having a higher fire resistance than a many other timbers.

This Pergola will enhance your property and provide a pleasant outdoor space for you, your family and friends to relax and socialise while providing many desirable features to reduce your carbon footprint.

This kit comes complete with all fixings to complete the project.

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