Premium Hot Tubs


We advise checking local building planning regulations when considering a kit.

Premium Hot Tub

Available in 2 sizes

-Standard (1800mm x 2000mm x 1000mm)

or Large (2100mm x 2250mm x 1060mm)

2 wood heater types (External and Integral)

With various additions and options as listed.


Electric Heater 6kW

Led light inside x1 (7 color)

Led lights outside x12 lights (7 color)

Premium Hot Tubs

Our premium hot tubs are available in 2 sizes and 2 wood heater styles (see Product options pricing).

All have the same basic inclusions.
– Step stairs;
– V2a (304 metal) heater;
– Insulated SPA hud;
– spruce exterior decoration boards;
– water outlet outside
– chimney protection

Hot tub fiberglass liner:
– White;
– Grey;
– Blue
Nordic Spruce exterior decoration boards are standard and are available in the following finishes:
– oiled transparent;
– Grey;
– Red;
– Brown;
– Light yellow


Regular, Large

Wood Heater Type

Outside, Integral

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