Rico Granny Flat 4.04m x 7.8m – 44mm walls


We advise checking local building planning regulations when considering a kit.

4.04 x 7.8 studio style Granny Flat with bathroom and a flat roof. A pair of french doors at the front open to a 1.8m under roof verandah.

One side features 2 large fixed panel windows and a full glass door.

3 models are available.

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Rico Granny Flat 4.04m x 7.8m has 44mm walls.

Granny Flat with bedroom and bathroom and 1.8m under roof verandah. A pair of French doors onto the verandah.

Glass door and 2 large fixed panel windows on another side.



Rico 4.04m x 7.8m Premium Total height is 2.43m. Wall height is 2.259m. External Wall area is 39.2m2 Doors 1.98 x 1.6 and 1.95 x 0.85. External area for painting and insulation is 53.6m2

Economy PLUS and Economy are 2.295m high with wall height of 2.16. External wall area is 36.5m2. Door measures 1.85m x 1.6m and 1.85 x 0.85. External area for painting & insulation is 50.2m2.

DescriptionMeasurements (m)
External Measures4.04 x 7.8
Base Footprint3.84 x 7.6
Internal House Area M221.3
Roof Area m232.3
Door Type1 Double full glass, 1 Single full glass, 1 Single full wood
Thresholdcovered with steel
Window Type4 single
Window Measures0.5 x 0.52, 1.98 x 0.85, 0.92 x 0.7
Window / Door QualityPremium
GlazingDouble glazed
Roof Overhang2
Roof TypeFlat
Possible Reserve Montageno

Nordic Spruce Tongue & Groove (T&G) ceiling is included. Many models come with 19mm Nordic Spruce T&G Floorboards. See separate tab for differences in models (if available).

Kits come complete with detailed assembly instructions and clear parts list of walls, ceiling etc. Screws, nails etc are included in the package. See Easy Install for additional information.

Roof and Sub Floor systems are available to suit your site and preferences (see below).

We can help you with

  • State by state certification & building approvals. Some buildings are exempt from building approvals (depending on size and your location, please ask). For larger buildings requiring Council approval, we can offer Site Specific engineering & wind speed (cyclone rating) design. Some may require DA approval, please ask us for further information.

Sub Floor system options including concrete slab, timber or steel floor system available.

Roofing options including BHP Colourbond, Zincalume, Custom orb or trim deck. Some camping pods etc have bitumen shingles to follow curved roof line.

On site construction can often be arranged through our network.

Front decks and Handrails are available for most models.

44mm wall join pic
Interlocking Walls System
Timber example 44 mm 2
Wall boards interlock as they stack

The model differences relate to the thickness of the walls, style of windows (see graphic below) the height of the building and whether or not Tongue & Groove (T&G) flooring is included.

In most cases ….

Premium models are one row of boards higher than the Economy PLUS and Economy Models. Premium models have better windows than Economy PLUS and Economy models.

Premium and Economy PLUS 44mm buildings come with 19mm floorboards.

68mm wall models are Premium Specifications (taller, better quality windows) and have 28mm floorboards.

Economy models …Where an Economy model is available, no ground level flooring is included. When models are ordered without floorboards (ie Economy models), if the building has a loft or second floor, those floorboards ARE included. When buildings are ordered without Floorboards, there is a longer delivery time.

Some Premium models have Premium Plus Windows which are automatic Tilt & Turn. This means it is that the window tilts – open at the top to allow ventilation. Windows can also be swung open from the side hinges.

Window Styles
Timber floorboards
Nordic Spruce T&G Flooring
Tilt & Turn window
Tilt & Turn window

Dimensions 6000 × 880 cm

Premium, Economy PLUS, Economy

Building size

20 to 30 square metres

Roof Style


Number of offices / bedrooms

Open plan

Wall Thickness

44 mm walls

Bathroom or toilet

1 bath/WC

Verandah or Overhang


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