Kiosk 4m x 4m – 28mm walls


We advise checking local building planning regulations when considering a kit.

This larger (4 mx 4m) Log Cabin Kiosk has 28mm walls.

5 drop down servery doors with full timber shutters  (1400mm x 1013mm) to suit  are included. 

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Kiosk 4m x 4m.  Log Cabin style Kiosk, 28mm walls.

5 drop down servery doors with full timber shutters to suit  included.



External Measures 4x4m
Internal Area 14m2
Roof Area 18.4m2
Roof Shingles  NA
Underlayer 20 m2
External Wall Area for Insulation 31.9m2
External Wall Area for Painting 31.9m2
Base Footprint 3.8×3.8m
Door Type Single full wood
Door Measures 1.85×0.85m
Threshold Covered with steel
Window Type 5 timber Kiosk style shutters
Shutter Measures 1400×1013
Door/Window Quality Economy
Glazing NA
Floor Boards 19mm
Roof Overhang 0.2m
Roof Angle 10°
Wall Height 2.16m
Total Height 2.5m
Possible Reverse Montage Yes


Dimensions 700 × 4200 cm

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